Central Railway has upgraded its signaling system by commissioning a new Route Relay interlocking (RRI) at Dadar on 17.12.2018.

The relay room which houses the new Route Relay interlocking (RRI) is equipped with non-toxic gas based automatic fire suppression system to extinguish fire automatically. This system involves automatic spraying of non-toxic gases through outlet devices when fire is detected by its sensors. This will extinguish fire automatically and save damage to life and property. This automatic fire suppression system is the first of its kind to be introduced on Mumbai Division of Central Railway.

The new Route Relay interlocking (RRI) with 138 routes will replace the existing RRI of Dadar which has completed its codal life. It has 5449 relays (made by Siemens) which will control 43 main signals, 22 shunt signals, 52 point machines and 96 track circuits. Besides one new signal has also been commissioned in UP local line which will reduce existing inter signal distance of 1100 mtrs to half of it, thereby considerably improving Headway in UP local line.

The non-interlock (NI) work of RRI had been completed in record time with only night corridor blocks and without causing any disruption to traffic in a short span of 5 days i.e from 14.12.2018 to 18.12.2018.

This feat was accomplished by a dedicated team of Officers and staff of Signal & Telecommunications and other concerned departments of Mumbai Division.

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