Mumbai, 29 December 2018: As on 01.04.2018, 30,212 Route Kilometers (RKM) of Indian Railways are electrified and electrification work is in progress on 33,658 Route Kilometers which includes 13,675 Route Kilometers sanctioned in September, 2018.

To reduce dependence on imported diesel fuel and carbon emission Indian Railways have already embarked upon a major programme to speed up electrification of Railway Lines. Achievements of Railway Electrification in last years and Planning of the current and next three years is as below:-

  • Achievements:
Year Route Kilometers Year Route Kilometers
2010-11  75 2014-15 1176
2011-12 595 2015-16 1502
2012-13 1337 2016-17 1646
2013-14 610 2017-18 4087
Total 2617 Total 8411
  • Planning:
Year Route Kilometers
2018-19 6000
2019-20 7000
2020-21 10500
2021-22 10500

The sanctioned cost of electrification of balance 33,658 Route Kilometers is INR 29,486  crore.

With complete electrification of BG routes of Indian Railways following savings will accrue:- 

  (i)       Energy bill of Indian Railway will reduce by about INR 13000 crore/annum.

 (ii)       Consumption of fossil fuel (Diesel) will reduce by about 2.8 billion liters which will result in saving of foreign exchange.

This information was given in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha.

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